Tips for Using Kratom To Relieve Pain, Anxiety and Depression

Tips for Using Kratom To Relieve Pain, Anxiety and Depression

Kratom is a naturally occurring substance that is found in a tree called Mitragyna speciosa, or the kratom tree. The tree is related to coffee, and can have a stimulating effect when used in small doses. In recommended dosages, however, kratom is used as a natural pain reliever, stress reducer and antidepressant. Kratom is also used to treat opiate dependence.

Kratom’s Uses

Kratom is used for a variety of ailments, and is also used for recreation. Traditionally, fresh kratom leaves are chewed to stave off fatigue, but the powdered leaves of the kratom tree are also used to treat depression, anxiety, pain and to boost the immune system. Kratom also has the unique benefit of increasing the ability to focus when taken at the recommended dosage. The dosage for kratom varies depending on the person’s tolerance for the plant and the desired effects.

Determining Dosage

Therapeutic doses for the treatment of anxiety range from two to four grams of powdered kratom leaf. For instance, around two grams of powdered kratom leaf is recommended to treat fatigue, while two to four grams of powdered kratom leaf are recommended to treat anxiety. To determine the best dosage for your personal needs, begin at the lowest dose recommended, and gradually increase the dose by 0.5 grams per day until the desired effects are achieved.

Different stains of kratom are available on the market today. Each strain has slightly different effects than other types of kratom. Choose a variety that is marketed for the effects that you want to achieve when deciding which strain of kratom to purchase. When using kratom extracts, the dosage amount is much lower than when using powdered kratom leaf. Adjust the dosage accordingly when using liquid extracts to prevent ingesting too much of the drug.

Buying Kratom

Not all kratom supplements are equal. High quality kratom allows you to use lower dosages of the supplement to achieve the desired effects. Kratom powder is often chosen over pills or capsules. Pure powdered kratom can be made into a tea or placed into capsules at home. When choosing kratom powder, be aware of how to measure the powder before using it to ensure the proper amount is ingested.

When purchasing kratom capsules, look for the purest kratom supplements to ensure quality, and avoid any products that contain caffeine or other ingredients to monitor the effects of the supplements. Pure kratom may be slightly more costly than other options, but high quality kratom supplements are also more effective than diluted alternatives.

When using kratom for recreation, maintain the lowest dosage possible to achieve the desired effects. Using too much kratom may cause some problems, such as nausea and temporary erectile dysfunction. Adjust the dosage as needed to reduce or eliminate unwanted side effects.

Kratom may effect you differently than it effects others. If serious side effects occur, such as swelling, stop using Kratom and consult a physician immediately.

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