The Newer, Better Samsung Galaxy S6. The Edge.

s6edgeThe Samsung Galaxy mobile has become one of the most sought-after devices in the mobile phone market. However, the Samsung S6 Edge has finally exceeded all expectations with a high quality, high performing mobile phone that is being referred to as the designer phone among phones. Made from only the most elegant materials and with designer taste in mind, the S6 Galaxy Edge is far sexier than the S5 or the S6. While it will cost more than the S6, buyers who only settle for the best will gladly pay the price.

The Samsung S6 Edge is carefully designed with a sleek, innovative design that includes a dual curved display with the finest, highest-resolution screen on any mobile phone available. Samsung manufacturers are now producing at full speed display screens which use organic light-emitting diodes, also known as OLEDs, which offer crystal-clear, sharp liquid-crystal images that almost appear to be in 3-D. The S6 Edge differs from its predecessor, the S6, in every detail of quality and performance making it the most desirable choice for those who demand only the finest handset available.s6edge1

As when you purchase the finest of any product, whether it is a car, a handbag, or any designer product, the price of the S6 Edge reflects the differences. On average, the S6 Edge is retailing at about $100 more than the S6 for equal storage and add-ons. Because of the sleek, sexy design, consumers are more than willing to pay for the luxury of the curved screen made from solid glass and the appearance of the aluminum body. While the Edge continues to sell out, anxious consumers are willing to wait for more rather than settle for the S6.

Each unit is built with aluminum edges and a glass screen which might present small problems for some owners. The glass screen easily becomes fingerprinted and the sleek design of the phone makes it difficult to grasp, even becoming slippery at times. But once the new owner becomes acclimated with these small differences, the many other benefits will far outweigh these small details. The main buttons on the phone – the power, volume and home buttons – are extremely sensitive and easily respond to commands. Ports are also positioned on the phone in much more convenient places. The phone’s speaker is moved from the back of the phone to its bottom making reception much clearer. The headphone jack has also been moved to the bottom of the phone for added convenience and minimized cord tangles. Processing speed is also somewhat faster, especially when the unit is cold started.

Overall, the Samsung S6 Edge is the designer mobile phone among phones. While mobile phone manufacturers continue to offer new designs, the quality of the S6 Edge will make it one that becomes a classic. The unique quality of every detail on the phone coupled with high speeds and the most efficient hardware available make it the obvious choice for any discerning customer looking to buy only the best.

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