Build a Better You: Women’s Health Supplements

Build a Better You: Women’s Health Supplements

The dictionary definition of a supplement is “something that completes or enhances something else when added to it.” In the context of this article, your health is the “something else.” From a health perspective, this seems to be something every woman would surely want in her life. After all, who wants incomplete or partial health? When it comes to health, being as close to perfect is normally the goal.

There are many things that a woman’s body needs, but does not create organically. The role of a health supplement is to afford the body these nutrients. Although experts suggest whole foods are the best way to get all of the necessary nutrients, it can be hard to measure and be sure that you are receiving just the right amount of nutrients. Because of this, pill-form supplements operate as a great way of knowing just how much you are receiving.


Iron is crucial. Not only is it essential for cell growth, but it can also makes you smarter. This supplement assists with cognitive development, and carries oxygen in the body.

A lack of iron can induce anemia, which simply means your body is not producing enough red cells to function properly. A person with anemia may have trouble performing too much physical activity without running out of breath. For women who experience heavy periods, this supplement will aid in preventing anemia.


To avoid weak teeth and bones, calcium is the best assistant. Each day we are getting older, and calcium can help this process go along more smoothly. Along with strengthening bones, this supplement aids in helping muscles contract and expand.

Because women start losing bone density in their twenties, calcium is best to start taking around this time.


Magnesium is a regulator, and helps maintain energy levels in women. This supplement works to keep the heart rhythm steady, and can prevent hypertension. A healthy heart is very important to the overall health of your body. For those who experience issues with blood pressure, this supplement works to keep it normal.

If you are deficient of magnesium, it can yield some highly undesirable repercussions. Some of these include diarrhea, excessive vomiting, and migraines.