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Tips for Using Kratom To Relieve Pain, Anxiety and Depression

Tips for Using Kratom To Relieve Pain, Anxiety and Depression

Kratom is a naturally occurring substance that is found in a tree called Mitragyna speciosa, or the kratom tree. The tree is related to coffee, and can have a stimulating effect when used in small doses. In recommended dosages, however, kratom is used as a natural pain reliever, stress reducer and antidepressant. Kratom is also used to treat opiate dependence.

Kratom’s Uses

Kratom is used for a variety of ailments, and is also used for recreation. Traditionally, fresh kratom leaves are chewed to stave off fatigue, but the powdered leaves of the kratom tree are also used to treat depression, anxiety, pain and to boost the immune system. Kratom also has the unique benefit of increasing the ability to focus when taken at the recommended dosage. The dosage for kratom varies depending on the person’s tolerance for the plant and the desired effects.

Determining Dosage

Therapeutic doses for the treatment of anxiety range from two to four grams of powdered kratom leaf. For instance, around two grams of powdered kratom leaf is recommended to treat fatigue, while two to four grams of powdered kratom leaf are recommended to treat anxiety. To determine the best dosage for your personal needs, begin at the lowest dose recommended, and gradually increase the dose by 0.5 grams per day until the desired effects are achieved.

Different stains of kratom are available on the market today. Each strain has slightly different effects than other types of kratom. Choose a variety that is marketed for the effects that you want to achieve when deciding which strain of kratom to purchase. When using kratom extracts, the dosage amount is much lower than when using powdered kratom leaf. Adjust the dosage accordingly when using liquid extracts to prevent ingesting too much of the drug.

Heart Health Supplements For Aging Women

appleIt is estimated that 200,000 women die each year as the result of a heart attack. Fortunately, lifestyle changes can greatly cut a woman’s chance of having a heart attack. Not only can eating healthy foods and staying active cut a woman’s heart attack risk, but there are many heart health supplements that can reduce heart attack risk also. Below is a list of heart health supplements that a woman can try:

Fish Oil

Fish oil has a very high concentration of omega 3 fatty acids. Studies have shown that people who get adequate amounts of omega 3 fatty acids are less likely to develop arrhythmias. Arrhythmias, or irregular heartbeats, can lead to sudden death. Omega 3 fatty acids can also reduce blood pressure. Additionally, they can prevent plaque from accumulating inside of the arteries.


Garlic is something that many people already have in their kitchen. However, garlic can also be taken in the form of a supplement. Allicin, which is a component of garlic, has been shown to help prevent high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

3 New Social Networks You Might Not Know About

Facebook and Twitter may be the most popular online social networks, but millions of users around the world are reaching a certain kind of “social media ennui,” a sort of fatigue brought on by overexposure and the need to see something new and exciting.

Even recently launched social networks such as Snapchat and Vine are already looking a bit long in the tooth for the tastes of demanding netizens. Fortunately, online entrepreneurs and innovative developers are always looking for opportunities to debut new and exciting products that could give Facebook or even Tinder a run for their money.

The following three social networks have just gotten started in the last few weeks; each one appeals to its own unique subset of Internet users. Will any of these social networks ever approach the success of Facebook or Twitter? Only time will tell; what we know right now is that these electronic communities have lots of interesting potential:

applemusicFor Recording Artists: Apple Music

Technology giant Apple is not satisfied with dominating the market of cool mobile devices. When Apple acquired headphones manufacturer Beats from hip-hop mogul Dr. Dre, the company also obtained a very cool music streaming service with more than just audio tracks; it also included neat social networking features that appealed to audiophiles, music industry insiders and artists.

The current Beats Music app has the potential of resurrecting iTunes and Ping, two of Apple’s attempts at dominating the online music and social networking spaces. Through Beats Music, which may be renamed to Apple Music, recording artists will be able to set up a profile and connect with their fans through comments and messages handled through iTunes. What is even more interesting is that Apple may create an Android app just for this purpose.

The Newer, Better Samsung Galaxy S6. The Edge.

s6edgeThe Samsung Galaxy mobile has become one of the most sought-after devices in the mobile phone market. However, the Samsung S6 Edge has finally exceeded all expectations with a high quality, high performing mobile phone that is being referred to as the designer phone among phones. Made from only the most elegant materials and with designer taste in mind, the S6 Galaxy Edge is far sexier than the S5 or the S6. While it will cost more than the S6, buyers who only settle for the best will gladly pay the price.

The Samsung S6 Edge is carefully designed with a sleek, innovative design that includes a dual curved display with the finest, highest-resolution screen on any mobile phone available. Samsung manufacturers are now producing at full speed display screens which use organic light-emitting diodes, also known as OLEDs, which offer crystal-clear, sharp liquid-crystal images that almost appear to be in 3-D. The S6 Edge differs from its predecessor, the S6, in every detail of quality and performance making it the most desirable choice for those who demand only the finest handset available.s6edge1

As when you purchase the finest of any product, whether it is a car, a handbag, or any designer product, the price of the S6 Edge reflects the differences. On average, the S6 Edge is retailing at about $100 more than the S6 for equal storage and add-ons. Because of the sleek, sexy design, consumers are more than willing to pay for the luxury of the curved screen made from solid glass and the appearance of the aluminum body. While the Edge continues to sell out, anxious consumers are willing to wait for more rather than settle for the S6.

Each unit is built with aluminum edges and a glass screen which might present small problems for some owners. The glass screen easily becomes fingerprinted and the sleek design of the phone makes it difficult to grasp, even becoming slippery at times. But once the new owner becomes acclimated with these small differences, the many other benefits will far outweigh these small details. The main buttons on the phone – the power, volume and home buttons – are extremely sensitive and easily respond to commands. Ports are also positioned on the phone in much more convenient places. The phone’s speaker is moved from the back of the phone to its bottom making reception much clearer. The headphone jack has also been moved to the bottom of the phone for added convenience and minimized cord tangles. Processing speed is also somewhat faster, especially when the unit is cold started.

Overall, the Samsung S6 Edge is the designer mobile phone among phones. While mobile phone manufacturers continue to offer new designs, the quality of the S6 Edge will make it one that becomes a classic. The unique quality of every detail on the phone coupled with high speeds and the most efficient hardware available make it the obvious choice for any discerning customer looking to buy only the best.

Build a Better You: Women’s Health Supplements

Build a Better You: Women’s Health Supplements

The dictionary definition of a supplement is “something that completes or enhances something else when added to it.” In the context of this article, your health is the “something else.” From a health perspective, this seems to be something every woman would surely want in her life. After all, who wants incomplete or partial health? When it comes to health, being as close to perfect is normally the goal.

There are many things that a woman’s body needs, but does not create organically. The role of a health supplement is to afford the body these nutrients. Although experts suggest whole foods are the best way to get all of the necessary nutrients, it can be hard to measure and be sure that you are receiving just the right amount of nutrients. Because of this, pill-form supplements operate as a great way of knowing just how much you are receiving.


Iron is crucial. Not only is it essential for cell growth, but it can also makes you smarter. This supplement assists with cognitive development, and carries oxygen in the body.

A lack of iron can induce anemia, which simply means your body is not producing enough red cells to function properly. A person with anemia may have trouble performing too much physical activity without running out of breath. For women who experience heavy periods, this supplement will aid in preventing anemia.

Using Phenibut Supplements To Reduce Anxiety

Using Phenibut Supplements To Reduce Anxiety

There are many people who suffer from different deficiencies that the body should produce, but does not. The brain produces a chemical called Gamma-aminobutyric acid. When the brain does not produce that a person can suffer from anxiety and many other things of that matter. The supplement called Phenibut helps with anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping, tension, and fear. This supplement has even been used to help with post-traumatic stress disorder and helping with alcoholism. As a supplement, Phenibut is also known to help suppress and lessen anxiety.

The thing is that Phenibut has not been studied in people. Since that is the case there are not many know side effects. It would not be safe to use during pregnancy and breast feeding, just to stay on the safe side, until further research can be done. Just like any other supplement one can take too much. The appropriate dosage will all depend on many factors. Some of the factors are age, health, and several other conditions. Just because a product is natural doe not mean that overdose is not possible. It is always smart to start with smaller dosages in the beginning.

With that, there is some evidence that Phenibut may increase cognitive abilities and even mental performance. Phenuibut can help with better memory, learning. Transcallosal communication is associated with better problem solving and more creative thoughts. Like stated earlier, further research need to be done to know the full side effects.

Many people have used Phenibut as a sedative to help improve the quality of sleep people receive. There are many people who have trouble with insomnia and would do anything to be able to have a full nights of rest. Phenibut can make it easier to fall asleep at night and can even help one wake up feeling rested. Phenibut has anti stress effects and has neuro-protective qualities.

It is always a good idea to check with ones doctor before starting any supplements and start with a lower dosage until happy with the effects.

Ayahuasca Review: Does This Product Actually Work?

Ayahuasca Review: Does This Product Actually Work?

Banisteriopsis caapi, also known as caapi, yajé, or Ayahuasca, is a jungle vine native to South America. It is a member of the Malpighiaceae plant family. Among the peoples indigenous to the Amazon Rainforest it is used to make a medicinal concoction called ayahuasca. The medicine contains psychoactive compounds which make it active orally. The vine has the MAOIs and beta-carboline harmala alkaloids tetrahydroharmine, harmine, and harmaline. Some parts of the plants yield alkaloids. The native peoples refer the concoction it yields as the plant teacher.

In honor of 17th-century English naturalist and clergyman John Banister, not only was the vine called B. caapi, the entire genus was named Banisteria and later Banisteriopsis. People who use the plant regularly sometimes call it Banisteria caapi. Another of the plant’s names, ayahuasca, in the Quechuan language means ‘vine of the soul. The plant is used in both healing and religious ceremonies. Not only does caapi have a hypnotic effect, it is also a purgative. This makes it very effective at removing parasites from the body and aiding the digestive system.

Can The Mysterious Kratom Plant Help You?

Can The Mysterious Kratom Plant Help You?

Kratom, also known as Ketum has a scientific name of “Mitragyna Speciosa”. It is a unique tropical tree native to the countries of Southeast Asia. Belonging to the same family of tree as coffee, Kratom has been used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years. Kratom can be used as a stimulant, pain reliever, or for mental clarity in those that suffer from ADD or ADHD.

Native Areas: Kratom is indigenous to several countries in Southeast Asia. Namely, Thailand, Bali, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Borneo. Although it grows naturally, Bali Kratom has been outlawed as a controlled substance in Thailand. This has done little to curb the growth of the plant which due to its many beneficial properties continues to be a cash crop for the local populace.

History: Kratom was a completely legal substance for a very long time. It first became illegal in 1943 in Thailand due to the Kratom Act 2486 which made possession of Kratom leaves illegal. However, this law was ineffective because Kratom grows naturally in the country.

Deer Antler Velvet & IGF2: Can It Help You?

Deer Antler Velvet & IGF2: Can It Help You?

IGF-2 is an insulin-like growth factor that is naturally found in deer antler velvet. It is actually produced in the human body as well and is essential when it comes to growth. While IGF-2 is produced in larger quantities to enhance development from infancy, it drops off in adulthood. A deficiency of IGF-2 can be resolved with the use of supplements that contain the growth factor, especially those that use deer antler velvet to obtain this important ingredient.

Giving the Body a Boost
Human growth hormone levels begin to decline with aging. It’s a natural part of life. However, some people may experience a noticeable decrease earlier in life or they simply may not want to give into getting older. Through the use of supplements that contain IGF-2, it is possible to experience a boost in energy. The addition of IGF-2 to the daily regimen can actually enhance the body’s own processes, making it possible to build more muscle mass. With increased energy levels, the body responds, making it possible to shed extra weight as well. IGF-2 has been shown to increase testosterone levels which are vital in providing men with strength, energy, and virility. Women can experience similar results with the addition of IGF-2 as a supplement as well.

Using Fish Oil As A Supplement

Using Fish Oil As A Supplement

Fish oil as a supplement has been shown to have several health benefits. This supplement contains omega-3 fatty acids and they have many benefits to your health. They have DHA and EPA which are usually obtained by eating salmon, tuna, catfish, mackerel or other type of fish. Our bodies do not manufacture these fatty acids so it is important for us to find a source of food that contains them or to take supplements. If you do not eat much fish, and many do not, then taking a fish oil health supplement would be a great idea for you to do.

Even animals, such as dogs, can benefit from taking fish oil. Skin and coat will begin to have a healthy glow and sheen from adding fish oil to the diet. For humans the benefits can be almost amazing.

Fish oil’s most amazing transformation for humans can be the benefit to your cardiovascular system. By adding the supplement, both blood pressure and cholesterol. Additional benefits include lower resting heart rate, lowered plaque build-up and reduce the risk of heart attacks,